Nica Action Sports

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Nica Action Sports

our Mission

From 2015-2020, we will have various competition circuits of Surf, Skate & BMX.  We will also be hosting training clinics, exhibitions and video releases.


Nica Action Sports began in 2009 offering water sport activities on Lake Nicaragua. 2012 we began to partake in the efforts of stabilizing the progression of the action sport industry of Nicaragua.  We shut down our lake side activities in 2014 and are now fully backing the sports on an organizational level, advocating around the world.

who we are

"I love kayaking around Las Isletas, Nica Action Sports is so fun!!"

          -- Y. Celaya

"Thank you Nica Action Sports for supporting all the riders of Nicaragua!"

          -- Bonni 

To structure the action sport industry of nicaragua and Stabilize the foundation from which to produce riders that can compete on a world class level.